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No more baby play.

2011-08-18 00:04:24 by Shock4th

I don't think i have been putting my best to my animations. ....lmao!!! XDDD

They're practices, which is what I'm starting to think was a mistake of submitting them. >.<
If enter Crap, it's gonna reflect what people will think of me. A crap...y animator. Which is the total opposite of what i want to grow popularity on. Sometime within maybe tomorrow i will put my ultimate best on one project before i go back to High school. Currently i don't have a good to even usable mic, so i can't do voice acting. If anyone's willing to devote their time to me, it'll be very appreciated ^^ If this comes out well, it can possibly pull me higher above the level i think I'm in. :/ Not a good one either. Hopefully if this is ever done, i can get some followers, if even, some friends on NG that could help me out and possibly make collaborations with.

Thank you for reading, Shock4th out!

I am new!

2010-12-05 13:16:20 by Shock4th

Hello new-grounds! I'm officially a member. Beginner obviously. For the first year is gonna be the lamest, being that i have a puny experience with animation. So if you want to give me tip in one of my animations, it'll be most appreciated. ^^ Thanks for reading this n00b's account. Bye!